Cleveland Jewish News had an article on us. Thank you!

Below is the article that the Cleveland Jewish News did on us. Thank you so much!



Beachwood entrepreneur inspires residents to realize power of art


Beachwood resident Asira Mathew hopes to show the community the importance of art through her DIY art studio Cre8 Sparks which is open in La Place at Beachwood Place.

As a child in Tajikstan, Mathew endured a civil war. To help her family recover, she asked her father to teach her how to sew.

“I started my micro business by patching up holes in people’s clothes and replacing missing buttons, but then people started giving me bigger projects. They asked for kids’ tops and pants. It quickly grew into a business that supported my family of nine for several years,” Mathew said in a news release.

This experience shaped her love for art and design. To help others realize the impact art can have, she opened Cre8 Sparks.

“Cre8 Sparks will be a destination for kids and adults to easily express their creativity, bond with friends and unleash the esteem of personal achievement,” Mathew said in the release. “Art fosters community and self-care! Creating one-of-a-kind holiday gifts is an added bonus, especially in the case of people who are hard to shop for.”

“Creative pursuits help to alleviate anxiety and bolster community,” Beachwood Mayor Martin S. Horwitz stated in the relaese. “I am happy that Ms. Mathew has created a space where people can create art in a fun, no-pressure environment.”

To learn more about Cre8 Sparks, visit